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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lake Sketch #1

Twin girls throw balls of bread at the blue heron standing in the lake.

One woman wears a shirt that says “Property of Jesus,” another wears a shirt that says “Je t’adore.”

Pink hamburger slime. Ammonia on the heaven sent, on where we went. Disinfectant. Move six stones

to the left. War trope, Vietnam-era helicopter, heliotrope. This is my token of friendship.

By the end of this poem, the heron will fall over on his side and die.


Jennie K. said...

to all three: fab poems today, ladies.

Reen said...

Pobre de heron.

Sandra Simonds said...

Herons suck!

I don't think blogger is preserving my line breaks. It's not supposed to be a prose block.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like herons--especially Great Blues; and I think the poem works well in prose-pieces!

adam strauss

Sandra Simonds said...

you wouldn't love them if you saw one of those bastards swoop down and eat a duckling before your very eyes!

adams24 said...

Oh wow, I didn't know herons eat other birds; yah that cld be quite unsettling!
I still love 'em though!

adams24 said...

Wow I did nott know herons eat other birds; yep, that cld be unsettling to see! But I still love 'em!