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Friday, April 29, 2016


In my new driver’s license picture I look dead. Blue like I was just fished out of a lake. I was sad with the idea that people think they know who you are on the inside, when they know who are you on the outside. Who hasn’t thought about dying a lot? The picture was taken on a day I thought I was recovered. The hours passed without deep consideration of whether I should be here on the planet. I was kind struck by how happy the people were at the DMV on a sunny Saturday. The anger babies we bear are always crying, always batting out their needs. “Your whole face changed,” the lady said, after I smiled for the picture. “2-4 weeks. You’ll get it in the mail.” “You are so efficient,” I said. “We try, thank you, we try.”

1 comment:

shanna said...

loving your poems all month, hailey!