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Friday, April 21, 2017

Bat Catch Up....Sensory Deprivation Bat, 17 & 18

Why Am I So Lonely?


Your longing goes looking for a mirror the glass stillness of a glacial lake to catch your sunlit sky grace face, when what you need is sweep. your want aperture can hold the entire firmament, can look even lower to the bottom shore to know muck is as true as stars. you ride invisible currents but you forget and forget and forget, take all your sky space for granted. Worms won't ever know what you know. Neither sand crabs, neither bison. Even when you do soar together you soar in shared solitude untethered, catching pleasure in each other's rejoice and coast. admire the swoop of slick wings you'll never move with your own scapula ,admire the dive. There is a sword between the lovers. The sword is your body, the sword is your private knowledge, the distance between your thirst and the snowmelt moving swift below. You are lonely when you lose track of your edges. Beloved the gust lifting every feather, beloved the smell of sage and smoke, beloved your scavenge. Your lonely is the shape of your yearn, un-fillable but receptive, like a canyon or a constellation.   

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