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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 1 JMN*

i’m not from here

so i’m born again        
on the back porch of cabin select       
where the mountains meet the ticket taker    
where we took our clothes off and made sum                       

neon cars carry our sour country friends into the tarmac sky
puddled thru a loudspeaker of cat calls and classic rock       

i was born on a slab of Corian                       
i drove my car into the apple orchard and walked away without a latch

there’s $$ in the rocks you know      
there’s $$ daffodils
$$ across the river under a pile of stolen names        

go into the mountains and don’t come back until you’ve won

i was born in the county hospital
i stood on the rag carpet reciting the periodic tables in rhyme          
i knocked a tooth on the kitchen slate           

scrabbling on shale till the blood’s in your ears         
a pounding behind the parking lot
where you keep your first poem       

you can never go home again             

out of the vinyl slats and dragging forsythia by its yellow alone      
i’ll smoke a thousand cigarettes and walk the bluelit stairs
into a tyranny of memory     
before i grow up

there’s a real crumbling foundation where i lost my first heart         
there’s a terrible feeling in the brewery built out of literal flame       

what is the violence of a too-soon death without violence    

once you go home you’ll never go back                     

i forgot i even knew his name 

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