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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Female Professors Outperform Men to Their Possible Detriment

Today I tell a student her poem is like a beautiful ship but she
didn’t consider that she built the ship on sand.     She says she
totally gets what I mean but     I don’t    know if my    colorful
philosophy is all the way    clear.   I tell her I ask what is    the
sand. I apologize for being cryptic. I want to know what       I
mean too, I     joke. Earlier I read    an article about       female
professors    who overcommit to their    students. I am    mad
not because women    overcommit to their students but    the
men who don’t, which is to say most of them keep respective
distance, do not     emote too    strongly,  do not   cry at what
horrors    some of these students   have faced.  I hate this shit
what men make of    women, that we are the ones  who must
correct    behavior, not the    negligent  men with            their
comfortable     space. What is   the sand,      what have you
done to our beautiful boat?

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