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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Thank you for taking me to the ladybug place
In the ad I’m supposed to believe the woman is running
How long did it take to realize horses needed gas masks too
How could my teacher describe me as shy
Her mother must’ve thought of her as a hero until she met me
Diane was the best man of all of them
I’m not Jewish but everyone I love is
This is not a coup per say just a special military undertaking
I remember when I asked my teacher if I could move my seat
away from the loud boys she said no and my grades dropped
Suddenly I’m a hepatitis expert
Peanut butter on a spoon
List the connections between shaving a beard and panic
The way I was counting on magazines to be my extended university
Licorice root burned down in the pot
We’ll do anything to end the strike
I remember going to our science teacher’s house
I loved seeing her on the weekends but I knew we shouldn’t have gone
All the teachers were told to move onto the base and she was the last
Someone little opened my eye and said she’s not awake