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Sunday, April 16, 2017


Acknowledging danger is a wish
Like all words are sex performances
Words to be sorted by possible orifices they are
Healthy and possible and mortal, useful and painful and spectacular
I listen to your voices with increasing desperation
Then run run run out of the shop to grab a morsel to eat
Like most of the day mostly out of control
Leaving for a moment all these dangerously hungry strangers
Silent reading and talking "the louder the truer" someone says
Sifting dreams like amateur bomb gardeners
Who spend so long in apprenticeship the guild disintegrates
Along with the bodies of the journeymen and journeywomen
Uplifted by technologies not yet invented nor imagined
Who only traveled faraway to live in the future
So now when the worms at night emerge from the corners
To investigate our bodies with every available feeling color
You're handling the poem that empowers the poem to take you to the poem
Where from above the poem the poem distended with cruelty descends
As if the poem were the world and the world was not the poem
Oh how I hate not being myself
Which suggests but does not prove how
I do not necessarily hate being myself
In fact sometimes it is lovely

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