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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

only children don’t share

as a kid i said “mine” like “mind” 
and that tells you something about where I put every thought 
wrapped all up my fingers so i could hardly feel any skin not my own 
even my face powdered or after you cut my hair at an angle 
the world was flush and i played it 
and it’s true i hate symmetry 
i hate knowing how if i don’t make every bite equal 
i might end up with less 
and then you fought me over my roomate’s toothpaste 
but it was really about sharing again and i told you 
everything belongs to someone 
everything in the aura of wanting 
i get a say 
or say i’ll divide this cherry into equal parts with my tongue 
for a party trick and still drink it dry 
remember even the first time we fucked in the shower 
and i couldn’t outside my own body 
and it’s not that we became one 
but you became me too and each sound 
each crossing or weighted pitch like 
i bounced my light off you and grew me 
green with enemy 
the blood parrot repeating its line 
pretty bird pretty bird pretty bird

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