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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Please Come to the Front Desk

The people sometimes clap       when the plane lands—
This is a thing I like        very much, the honesty not in
dread but possibility— In Cleveland,   my layover opens
by fifty-eight minutes, an elder man in a       wheelchair
yells the name Marilyn every     few minutes, pushed by
a United attendant, United     that did harm to a     man
I hear, though I have not seen the video, having Seder’d,
Seder, which means an order     or  arrangement, United
which means a joining    together— If a name         insists
the people be    united, we require    correction,  isn’t that
right, isn’t it as Solmaz puts it         It   matters   what you
call a thing— Announcement   cuts off Justin Timberlake
to say what I hear to be   Tension, tension, and I am a good
student, my back springs    to life, a vibration      awaiting
sound from the tuning fork, Tension        tension, if you lost
a rang  if you lost    a rang— The art of losing        isn’t easy,
I say into    my grandmother’s   ring— Thelma       insists I
should keep her raccoon   coat, slumps it on my shoulders
and I’m not sure     who the ghost    is       who the animal,
she who pronounces raccoon ru-cUne and I     who would
tear a lily in   half with     my hands  if she could      repeat
ru-cUne one more time— Grandma      called me     Nat-ly,
the Jewish Yonkers girls of    yore,  their father a jeweler,
famous mother the teacher     —   Tension, tension I am out
of books for the final    leg, a phrase I  hardly can say, leg
as in      we have walked         so long now it is your story
to tell, a message from the    Torah— A friend       wishes
we could have    seen more of each other, she texts,   yes
I always want to see    more    of those whom I love, yes
to see them to confirm them there— The man         yells
Marilyn just          once but over      and over,        a name
a big bad studio man    blessed to Norma,   to show that
desire makes it is simple   to take away       one woman’s
name,     give it with      pleasure to   another—

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