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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Poem for lambs

Motion colorcorrected in futility

Oceanic feeling colo-rected into the future

Dolor tranquilized by mortality

Mordor solemnized in Valhalla

Tracks reconstructed without destination

Tort damages calculated through long division

Transactions quilted like murals

Sandstone sculpted by erosion

Rosehips muffled under snowdrift

Snore snarled into snout

Certain gestures remind me of when I used to make them

Living my art two hours a day for free

And the rest of the time slowly

Hatching a beautiful penny


I am following the conspiracy so closely

At one moment I was mistaken for

ringleader victim patsy

Fellow traveler I can show you the way

To several nearby locales where you too can

Break a silence like a nap

Upon which a blood rain falls tenderly

Many people live in the situations

Vaguely advert

Par-a-boosters, cryo-nauts

Muttering it's not so bad

Or it's not so bad for so long

If I were that clear

I would revolt



Red icicles sheer

Every adjective drags another

Like a goodbye

Saying hello to the rest of the everybody world

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