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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sensory Deprivation Bat, 7

(reply to the question: what is freedom?)

Not one thing truly touching another, freedom so miniscule and everywhere. the first gasp act is reliance on the ungraspable outside to enter and depart, enter and depart again and limited necessary again molecules time traveling in diffuse exchange bodied verdant and ocean, embattled, dictatorial, orgasmic, furtive, fed the fuck up. blowholed, old growthed, smogged. Freedom's just movement ability but who says freedom feels good. the body's nothing but a bad beauty trap, freedom rivuletslips along electron longings, but there's always the dry grass half-light death beatitude, the snowcold water ribbons round weary toes, skinsalt sucked off a new neck, the last ever exhale requiring no live muscle at all.

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