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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The rusted mitten I had

The rust prefers mist.
Eager man as train.
Alp binary. Win. Deal.
Let’s cry comma.

Allowed our ark,
Egg & lotus be there.
Thin maze of mike
Ought to edge awe.
Lead rust. Novella of me too.
Debt salon. Tuned itch. Zeus.

Dads choose your music.
Safe thought. Atomize.
I’d migrained all defences.
Lumbar speeds softly disco
Almond. Eat soaked.
Commonest herbs.

Sun foxes met at eight.
Sun withers the rain chant.
X dreams island not sea.
Land would ask people
Will A to Z?

Anvil would.
Whittle then umber.
Let’s go zazen.
Oval ivy.
An odd, old blaster aims.

Tough & blue, fleas & lice.
Son. My lobe earned via
Give verse snot.
Tone the leaf fat.
Fill the mischief ladder.

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