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Monday, April 17, 2017


My lack of sleep makes me angry
The sky blue as baby pajamas
You’re going to get sand in your shoes so don’t worry about it
I far prefer the kids on the playground than to talking to you
He’ll return to summer health soon
Smog seems so far away
Time has a major impact when standing near Big Ben
When her tissue floated away the woman dabbed her eyes with her brown hair
I can’t help but look at priests with yuck
She stays until I finish two bowls of cereal
I’m not hungry but the milk is about to go everything is about to go
We walk on the train tracks to the magic place
They smell like tar until they smell like grass
We tell you a bit about ourselves then ask you to mind your own business
Why does anyone wear sunglasses inside anyway
It is here where I offer my defense of winter

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