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Monday, April 17, 2017


Rub flour on your hands before handling the dough

Don’t stand there stand there 

Don’t stand on chairs stand on those chairs

Adults were always mysteriously clear

The girls heehaw and carry on

I lift tea to her lips when she can’t use her hands

Swishing corduroy when I walk

Remember to look at the fish’s eyes

How’d she know exact change

You need a lid for that lid

Do you say pee-can or pu-cahn

One sounds like pulpit

We pour the milk and call it snow

Even when we run out and have to use water

You floss too much

You don’t floss enough

Cigars make you think of

Hey kid explain evolution to me

No one here is drunk just mean

Could you evolve me a better tv

God spits everyone out like soldiers

My teacher brings me freedom

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