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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Alternate History of the Blonde Girl, Version 2

The people hung in fragrant clusters from the highest moments.

The pines grew and shed the basic component, line segments,  
with which the people could one day work and build.

Patiently, the morning sat with its million needles.

It had no thread, until it found the blonde girl.

Now the day could proceed, and it cut itself into a fertile shape,
using a splitting milkweed as a pattern.

Even a single strand of the girl had no trouble moving through
the thick, rural material without breaking.

The people climbed down from the trees
and began to wonder what she was. The boys dove down

to the bottom of the lake and gathered stone hands
they could use to touch her. Like teachers,
they wiped her back and forth across the sky.

But they must have pressed too hard because they erased everything,
and everyone had to start all over.

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