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Monday, April 16, 2018


I hadn't thought of it in years
the night we tore through
the boards over the door 
below the Rialto daring each other
to take one     step      further 
one step      further       she went
farther than me        & pulled me along
tunnel-clanging with her voice
swinging the flashlight      making the trip
under the street a bigger deal
than it was             On the other side
the door was already open 
ductwork & a dead generator
bottles of piss & crushed butts
Little bits of foil shone
Someone's already here she said
sssssshhhhhhh     Long about
an hour later inch by inch & trying
all the levers we passed hoping
the hotel would spring to life
ring phones in ghosted rooms
do something freaky we could 
talk about going home in the car
she swung a gate into the night
We took in less earth-weary air
the half-minute it took our ears
to reset for the expanse
till we heard them hushing themselves
in fits at our presence
till she shouted something 
ludicrous & obscene
always the first two things
in her frank mind
& ran for the center         the splash
canceling all doubt      the pool
running over itself
to take her in
                         Years & years ago
the rum & coke & chlorine
the scuffy sounds of feet 
in the junked courtyard
the drapes billowing 
from the dark teeth
of the windows
above us
as we 

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