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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


This never happened.
            ~ Don Draper

My chemical fire hums when propane is forced through the pipes the pipes inside my walls whistle birds on fire when I turn on the heater elder madronas drip and burn fluorescent primeval sway the animal ship manic needle in my eyeball when we say medicine it is a red stigmata canvas when we say meds they are the guts of the cottage in the woods with the graham cracker door gumdrop windows where wolf crouches on the roof lick lick licking himself I choke at the worst possible moment smash the rabbit saint who gave his life for my glue the Palace of Versailles blisters in my shoes I want to tell you how my feet burn how bright steam rises from the dog’s bowl did I ever really dance in a sweet short dress flared at the hips did I prime did I tango?


Ms. Moon said...

As I read and reread and reread this one again I see more and then more and then more and suddenly, it seems as familiar and true as if I'd written it myself which of course, I could never do in a one million years or even two or three million.
wolf crouches on the roof lick lick licking himself
Oh my.

Radish King said...

The wolf never gives up does he? xo