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Monday, April 9, 2018


 In St Louis We Both Wore Sunglasses.
That Was Telling.

And now you’re married? Are you sure? 
I’m not. Not even to a color palette. 

If we connect the dots between all the cities 
in which I’ve kissed you, a fiery pentagram emerges 

and marks the US for ritual destruction. 

I read where Maria Bamford likes to take it easy
these days and so do I. She got married
in a hot dog costume which is hard to picture
showing up in a lifestyle magazine, 
and I think that’s why she did it.
You see what I’m getting at?
Time to hop in your hot dog costume. 
Time to select a color pallete. 
Time to connect the dots and emerge 
from a ritual pentagram 
ready to kiss your complete destruction.  


Radish King said...

Yes. A sharp intake at the single line there shouting out the truth to all of us. Yes.

Radish King said...

I meant to write a sharp intake of breath. Yikes. R.