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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Dagger & cry out
an audience in anger     midair 
the crowd became so present
after three acts     their faces shown 
translucently to them       in the mirror 
of the poem       the surface hung

with your face       Dagger & cry out
under whichever stars       charm you      
whichever constantly churning 
waters feel       most like home
To say I’ll see you later     & never 
a network of liquid influence    We drifted

Together in       the sense of alongside
& pity the other models     None other 
I must thank you for it       heavily in this 
sudden future     After traveling the same
worn & paperladen world      our currency
a long letter      in short catch  

-as-can snatches       Our dimensions       
felt keen as catalogues       It would be tempting 
to make you out in a stack of photographs     
to take you again       & expose you to light
Watch you curl & receive it       What leaf 
is this, friend       you’d ask & I’d want to know 

so I could answer   it’s the linger in your hand

*Didn't post yesterday—I wrote but nothing came of it. So this is 9 on day 10.

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