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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Figure 15

Therefore I would rather imagine a form 
that shows me 
something of the breath
by taking it  in erotic theft  or mystery
Maybe it lives in a handbook (loose leafed and palpably unsettled)  a handbook unbound to accommodate its shifts and accumulations its ever extending footnotes long and curious trails tendriling out untethered         but we are bound a portion of the head book did decree bound to a bloated power coagulated termed and conditioned by the maskonthebackoftheheadbook not to be mistaken with the throatbook or scapulabook    the longthighbook thickthighbook sticky at the apex with wanderlusteggbooks their differences vast and infinite the vasdeferensbook the both&/orbeyondbook either my eviscerated entrails that spell my name correctly or the atlas bearing the solipsistic weight of the practicallydisembodiedheadbook cogito ergo summer cannot come soon enough I have spent the winter perched on my buttbook with its asshole mouth forever involving involved the slackjawbook the pinealbook of ovum and caesura but I digress          therefore the distance tasted me


bloof said...

I lol'd when I got to perched on my buttbook.
Such lingual feats!

elisabeth workman said...

<3. I can’t wait to get off my buttbook and see you so soon so soon!