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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Consolation Figure at the Onset

in which grief is its own ozone        a power of O whiplashed          by faceless babel hemming in          these red hums a kind of kin       this deshabilles a kin of nothing I found you wandering in    
  I found you febrile weather     I found you the gauche wake        decibels run the gamut & I come back a femme beast from a velvet earthquake           a funhousewife wasted on game

in the surveillance hall of mirrors        my cuntic arrogance       confuses the gaze         grows I’s from my death hand         to say with the other            I am expecting you in this              a kind of unlit lake becoming          let me pour you another       you can break glass sense      with this glittery brick

my rad fringe        skirts the edge of seeming         then scatters when I squat      in the shards           why speak cleft        when you’re all-fours?     why conquer anything    when chance can prod us into the pulchritude of         the vexed body bardo     how it might feel posh now      to flash you in this grim boudoir    a violet light      somewhere a lost majestic lit       somewhere a new sound is listening

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