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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Don’t stop until you see the whites of his pockets.
            ~ Don Draper

falling is constant failing Alice down the rabbit hole incised seeping blood infected what is happening there skin burnt pain pulling through narcotics profound sleep death the body dying not from the feet up politely but from the head down my head hitting my stomach sick & traveling in little boxcars to my extremities made stiff narcoleptic numbness an attack seizure this is not my quest how do people live in pain all the time how cut open tenders gurgle out the surgeon asked have you had trouble with anesthesia I tell him about the amputation how I woke & said why is there blood everywhere before I heard you’re not supposed to be here this is not my quest I know nothing nothing I listened to a baseball game on the radio today a radio from the early 60s heavy brown leather boxy my hair is clean I told the doctors mice have chewed through the wires & clouds are serious mobsters throb throb throb a steady heart lives in my feet

1 comment:

Ms. Moon said...

How do people live in pain all the time?
That constant heart beating in such different and diverse places. Do we ever become numb to it?