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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Figure 10

 It is best     to remain    where there is    no way     to complete    the sentence            in rooms          with doors to a warm      beyond to behold     anarchy’s      flux     showered in sun    flower seeds in Rome      the lips of tulips the first tulips        in Sultanahmet with doors to a city of mammoth  rocks whose edges ample and uncertain      w i t h o u t   the      slightest   embarrassment        emanate continuum        despite the inquisitors’      best attempts to contain      and reframe nonconsent        as if is   that the end the longest   period of non con sent ending in a gray room     the sea outside flat slash silent         the surface of a desk            violently swept this error always        ready   and written  in the books with the iterative popes           playing dead         in springtime in the park     i lost my prick and stray         though everything was arranged between      the door       and the bed      upside down           or out of reach      something ricochets     in the far end of a canyon    I just can’t     fully          see


bloof said...

iterative popes! i lost my prick too, boo.

Radish King said...

the inquisitor's best attempts
mammoth rocks
the end
violently swept
upside down
out of reach
I just can't fully see

all these words phrases broken words broken phrases so perfectly mirror my interior dialog today today and thank you brave poet.