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Friday, April 13, 2018

Figure 11

 The night and the       recital break down into   small pieces like apples and leaves  in the maggot’s starry mouth in the humument of    the baby green garden , I miss the slow intensities       of our proximity its tender accumulations,,,,,, the awareness   of objects in your orbit ( (which books for example and witch boots) ) the   detours detours as with here what started with the volition of a tired engine  softened at the thought of a tiny maggot (,) and here in our sick day I felt a squirming  in my solar plexus accommodating my own self-pity as a distracted way of being The violets    and the gamut break down my chevy nova nova nova and a black hole break down but only one   is also creative our porous cords , the internet maybe , my desire lit in the promiscuity of the index  , the face of the future in the praying mantis the one you addressed after returning from the edge : who are  you , king of the world ? The ferns and the antennae no longer tightly bound now unfurled now effusive.

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