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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Figure 13

 A child’s devotion          to the unseen Shapeless see-saw          in the midnight spree The eyes of creature-teeth loom         like forgotten ships off the shores of a psychotic myth where we are taken            by its tail of epic proportions and wrap it around our bed like a fine mantle  like a moat whose resident slitherer is a two-headed white-eyed boa ( call him Whatever )   who hisses words like “destiny” via histrionic grandiosity : : (dyads being the most         fragile lot) : ; while the unfortunate image of a naked pasty lunacy touching        any 14K bidet             flashes an oracle         Moths pour from the oculus             as an omen of its arrival It wanted to watch
    all of us watching  it how to make it      big how to how to    Whatever

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