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Monday, April 9, 2018

Figure 8

 On the stairs   inscrutable    as if punishment for wanting        to splatter like a sphere        of phosporescent jelly         against the night’s wide    bored mouth         is a time-out     I know where      a spirit on the stairs is          an animal    hind and after and alter thought all rupture     in the sequence of events         mine is multi-pronged as if wearing            a flaming candelabra     for a headdress      and otherwise     shrew?  Idk
Never to be mistaken          with the last word    the ghost rodent of this flight         and the next is more         the secret word         or the first in a subsequent context               that goes not to the military police           or press but     after everyone is in bed     or otherwise disposed        the party: poetry       a transmutation rave   for all the spirits of the stairs    these years       of silent participation       the most total unintentional refusal’s     activation of intention               The animal on the stairs        is a child at the table after everyone has left             a cut in the continuum        when the blank of the stairs           is barely there             and this is not enough

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