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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Figure 9

 I want to fold        what you wrote and keep it      warm in my pocket as a ritual for    remembering en route is where it’s at                 I mean where presence is at where Jupiter is and is not the way      of breath that is not clipped by the next self care being the most difficult medicine     I mean simple mediation the poodle of the year the 16 candles of our relationship       like a real teenager teenager anyone animal parable of thirst love in the time of    of that greedy widget of chain reaction we will talk about students with behavior we will clot the     valhalla with our melancholy prose an emergency room’s fluoresce I wanted to go back into the back room the door opened      on the first room not the same room the room with the spoons dipped in honey    the way we talked       about labor please preview my attachments     in the birth center dream of an emergence room       that didn’t call check in triage not the same same       some fibers nosing out from the blind root manifold in the compost     worms the gods of the accordion universe


Radish King said...

Seriously this gave me THE SHIVERS I really wanted to say Holy Shit but I was afraid my filthy mouth might offend but truly HOLY SHIT.

elisabeth workman said...

I am so grateful for your filthy mouth. Thank you for saying this.