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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Flickering Figure

Not that the ponies had scattered in despair per se / rather I projected upon them my own fear of encroaching dissolution and per their request now say the shape of being porous is distinct from the shape of being poured. See also: the way the body of the contortionist ampersand maps this. See also: this slo mo binky compilation & the abridged pictorial history of  slide carousel fires (the image after) & its disappearance in the pre-dawn sequence of suddenly lit worlds outside your pre-apocalyptic window & the menace of the merry-go-round’s wobble & not for purchase the blue cat with a thousand eyes waking up now & the sweet sybillants at the next table where someone periodically whispers from their book to themselves & a blister on the sun dream of wild health every edge its own intensity including the kaleidoscopic placenta & mutual hunger & the flat side of the knife mirror bright & the theater under the sea its hi-beams thru the slow reel & real & you & you &

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