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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Frog and Toad are Friends 24

Babe Snake thinks she better stop. She better stop leaning out into vectors like they might incorporate and shoot her, vanes slick to her sides, out into a livable future. She better stop dreaming up ways to get back into Big Think and she better stop trying to find someone still-alive and not-disappeared to keep her company. She had better stop imagining there’s an end to the upending or that she’ll be held, stable, not the nest itself but the creature in the nest for a change. She had better stop right now because she’s exhausted and she has Griselda’s body in a control box out back in the shed where the children are supposed to stack their busted bicycles and deflating soccer balls, but never do. She’s not worried—they won’t go in there. The eldest fell asleep with a drawing pad in her hand, pencils scattered in her sheets. The youngest’s nightlight makes a seascape on the ceiling like sea surface full of clouds and his little voice rings out now and again, exclamations from his dreams. There’s hard work ahead tonight. She’s got to stop wanting not just comforts but the promises those comforts never keep. Soft blanket, sweet home, good life, bright celebration, love. Love. Love.

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