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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I know exactly what I want.
            ~ Don Draper

Dear Nadia flame on stage playing the Shostakovitch violin concerto dear Nadia blade slicing through airwaves dear Nadia I am wrecked on stage playing Shostakovitch sway bend music river undulating black dress thin vibrant blade I am wrecked it was once I did once I played Shostakovitch a blade in a black dress dear Nadia pressing notes hammering notes breathing notes in and out wave after wave notes riding the ceiling slicing the ceiling escaping into the sky above the concert hall the world the outer outer world the universe dear Nadia once I did I was wrecked on stage a blade cutting into the hall river swelling in me strong and thin once I was a oh Nadia I have forgot I am old I am forgot dear Nadia once I was a thin strong blade in a black dress playing the Shostakovitch violin concerto did you did you see me did you hear me there a river in the stained glass did you hear my body my blade slicing through the airwaves


bloof said...


Ms. Moon said...

Elegant and elegiac and somehow joyful, too as if you had taken images and emotions and woven them all into a ribbon blanket of dark hues but with sparking ones too, tiny, interwoven, the sparks the notes of the Shostakovitch flying from the bow, the fingers, the strings.