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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Inscrutable Almanac (ten-ish)

Mass unthink is sacrosanct. Never interrupt the live-streaming lobotomy.

Operacism: the spectacle of our collective shame. 

The mind has branches. The monkeymind swings from each to each, ass out. Just leave it. 

Each horseman hears dawn
differently. Plague is 
a bacterial symphony
—pestilence, a cell phone.

Syllables I’ll die for.

Beauty is irrelevant, except it isn’t: all queens know the sharp ebb of power.

Knowing knots is contraindicated.

Some types of apathy are bred from overwhelm. 

Some weight, she said, might feel like feeling, and I’ve need of that.

Aspiring to a certain depth of human-ness cripples one’s efficiency. 

Advice to self—give advice sparingly.

Civil wars happen all the time inside you. Resist the seduction of surrender.

Hiddenizen: all our hydes. 

We carry the next dead in our midst. They carry themselves until they cannot, but we push on, their limbs dangling among the mob of us.


Radish King said...

This whole poem is intense and fascinating but this line Civil wars happen all the time inside you sparked something huge inside me. I always wriggle my eyebrows when anyone singles out one line in a poem of mine so please forgive me because I loved all of it every single line. Thank you.

bloof said...

killin it kiki! (& that is exactly the line i picked to tweet, rebecca.)