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Monday, April 9, 2018

It was a dead man’s hat.
            ~ Don Draper

7 horses behind the house in the Spokane valley brother & I  2 & 3 or 3 & 4 or 4 & 5 every morning he dared he dared me to touch the electric zzzz the electric fence with an apple or a piece of hay every time I did what he asked thrown to the ground by shock soaked in wet mud every day he said here touch it feed the horse let’s feed the horses let’s be cowboys my thin arms yanked back inside my body apple rising a lark’s feather into dry summer air on the ground I thrashed bawled shhhhh or you will you will get it shhhhh every day zapped my entire thrown & curled on the ground a wet mud fractal brother dared he dared me every day I touched the fence my entire being flung to earth as horses the gods of my contained world watched from above giant heads lowered in compassion


bloof said...

zapped my entire thrown!

Ms. Moon said...

Did the horses ever give you the strength to say, "No. Not today."?
I am so literal. Too literal. Not literary. But this poem, like the others, just makes me want to hold that little girl (you) so tightly and say, "Come in, come in. Sit down sweet little one. Here- have some juice and some cookies. You are safe here. You are safe."

Radish King said...

Bexpeak 💇‍♀️
I know she’s cutting her hair but it looks like she’s stabbing herself in the head to me.

Radish King said...

Mary the horses always did and still do give me strength.

kirsten said...


Radish King said...

thank youthank youthank you.