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Thursday, April 12, 2018

It’s like eating a mermaid.
            ~ Don Draper

girls love all girls love lovelove pink glitterdeep cuts razor thigh speakforth new shiny guttermouth push strong happy blood crave blood taste blood old women bloody show post post post past women fold into themselves where are your heroes girls blood girls scrape scabs sing in tiny cars a secret I do not bleed goddamn done soft soft body warm I lick my palms absorb tell secrets taken & take my hair white pure white blazes in furious rooms I blaze I answer I know I ride I curry I repair I build I master I bore I birthed I rose in this my surge oh darlings slipslip the bit of trying let wind slap your thighs on storm nights this ten fold & bright alien stars shine through your dresswhitedress young girls bleed on white skirts fly blood banners kiss your women friends on the mouth holy kisses secret delicious last night a bolt of thick red silk wound itself around my body my firebrand now blood has gone fire in me & we begin again never think me ancient you will cry for your mother this is the way it is


Ms. Moon said...

Kiss your women friends on the mouth holy kisses.
This is a strong and beautiful blood painting of women and damn, I love it. I just love it.
And you. I love you.

Radish King said...

Mary, thank you for never giving up for reading for making noise in this awfully quiet room.

bloof said...

goodness goodness goodness

Radish King said...