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Saturday, April 7, 2018

[Jesus Christ I’m So Blue All the Time]

after Phoebe Bridger’s “Funeral”

Suppose that we are each meant to separate: jay 
from blue, brain from mind, horse from horse shot. 
Suppose you traveled far enough that you could 
stand on a red rock even as the sky blares snow. 
bundle of cacti programmed to catch skin, you want 
to press your cheek into what it can’t help but do. In 
the nights you fractal under a kiss, fall into mindless 
static as the house knocks and bubbles within its 
wainscoting. Last day of vacation, you give your 
passport to the dispensary and you give your body to 
an edible because every kind of power is geographic 
and you desire to watch lines melt away and you 
desire to not breathe in anymore lines. Suppose you 
prayed last night and the prayer meant merely 
blowing on the green buzz behind your eyes, the 
trick of light a small consolation in faithlessness. 
You read about a device that can translate your 
thoughts, assume it must be an effective way for 
government entities to find a little information about 
everything and everyone you love and, while it must 
only be proximal, isn’t such a device torture no 
matter what because it does not suppose we are each 
meant to separate? We become dirigible, deranged 
under surveillance? Every innovation can mean 
torture, suppose. Suppose in another life, the sewers 
let rain overflow the drains and it would be seen as a 
letting. [Let me sleep.] Suppose you know now with 
certainty that we must lie to each other to keep us, 
[Let me go back to correlative] suppose you know 
the bighorn will die viciously [Let me go back to 
sleep] a purity without a woodblock. It was just you  
stuck in the era of late diagnosis, angry like a lily 
submerged in boiled water that cools to a bitterness. 
You wayward and of no trouble, staring at a century-
old lemon tree, its Meyers fruits as large as melon. 
Eventually it will separate as we are each meant to 
do: to a ground that aches for return, to leave again.


Natalie Eilbert said...

This is supposed to be formatted full justified, indented 3.25 inches on the right side. Alas!

bloof said...

Sorry about our limited formatting options here! When we switch to WordPress (soooooon) I'll make it better. Long overdue for an update around here.