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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Time with the mayor

I wish I could speak without a battle within myself

Numbness on my tongue from celery

The American process is to be nice

Garbage floating on the Gowanus

We were talking about roller coasters

about walking away from them

Only in a true democracy would we spend time talking about bathroom passes

Now’s the sandpaper portion of the evening

Your lesson in five seconds

Pretty much everyone is wearing beautiful shoes right now

What do you do when water boils

The day is not expendable

Gathering the newspaper staff

Recalling te city in which we were never bored

Do you ever see people walking in slo mo

The conductor said A train making all local stops there is no C train

and that seems redundant

The locality of electrical outages and signal malfunctions

Who is not friends with you

Wearing my rain shoes in the sunshine

Are you woman enough to be a writer

Do you smell your used floss later

Digging in a beach bag for the last piece of candy

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