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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Maybe I’m not as comfortable being as powerless as you are.
            ~ Don Draper

hey white boy you think your pasty bleedingblonde Jesus can sing shame into this body hey white boy tick tick tick I am a fucking bomb want me to put it put it back hunch&shiver hey white boy come here come here I have a secret in my oh fuck yes I will springload you open that cage that blade hey white boy just try just try it hey white boy remember that rock I threw into your head it rots what is that smell what is that smell hey white boy you want to follow me home see my insides open your sick flower come closer look at my eyes yeah I’m crazy alright & I will not back down hey white boy I remember all your names & your brother’s name & your brother’s brother’s name there is no forget in me hey white boy hey you pulled me into your car diseased my body my folded tenders hey white boy come here I want to whisper my knife into your ear hey white boy watch watch out some versions of Christ should be crucified


Ms. Moon said...

This is powerful.

bloof said...

pure fire