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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Someday an eye will find me and tell me
where I am in a word happy and shrill
like a comet with an evaporating tail
on ground I worry will not be enough
to feed the happiness of which I am part
a ticker tape parade I threw out a window
in the house in the woods old gifts like a globe
floating between magnets and a magic wand
that broke when I got it home and
bounded these lines ambivalently forth
towards happiness in the afternoons’
marionette slump till music of the evenings
drowned out the days I made out of paper
asking for mermaids to visit us in the night
with my autograph signed wronghanded
has that car arrived yet? don’t take it just tell them
drive to where I am and park across the street
and wave in my direction happy as Göbekli Tepe
a colony in Turkey from 12,000 years ago
whose true name is no longer known

1 comment:

Radish King said...

The magic wand that broke just killed me and carried me then through the night to the Gobekli Tepe. Thank you!