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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Horripilating one in ten persons
with my pretty deep quiet man's voice
towards some maybe tolerant diffusion
leaves another one in ten mildly tireder only
and the rest devoted to the same
ever scattered intelligences
of what words are supposed to accomplish
when in their weediness
they crowd out other concepts
such as telepathic companionship
or silent hostility I’m not telling
you how to act, only providing
demonstrations of possibilities
but I feel the world turning always
and me with it over the horizon
calling out could you wait for me
I’m here in the byzantine again
could you wait for me
just for a minute upper limit pathogen
lower limit inflatable bowling guardrail
Amirite? Amiriter amirite?
All the bodily collapses
are so derivative
I see some avalanche
but I run so very fast at night
and when inevitably I slow down
at daybreak I eat more fast
food and run faster onto drier islands
higher islands the hair on my arm
is where my past most lives
as far as I recall intentionally at least
it has never been trimmed
we take care of our children
Who are they?

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