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Thursday, April 5, 2018

No More "Meatsack" or "Stardust"

No more "meatsack" or "stardust." And no more
Wednesday afternoon lovers or vegetarian California
burritos.We're a sorry excuse for nothing. I mean
it about the burritos. What do you bring to your
sweetheart and what do you fall asleep against
and who will pat an unclear part of your body at
night like they might pat your shoulder in daylight
and say nothing as a way of saying "sorry" or saying
"ok, sweetheart?" Ok. Comment on all the magnolia
trees between home and daycare: "Sweet boy,
look at those blossoms! I might like them more
than the cherry trees." Wait at the light and then
wait to turn and then pause, pause to park. Ambient
radio news and hallway conversations about how
the baby is sleeping and how they measure on the
motor development scale, which is not a scale you
knew until now. The internet has nothing to say
about those boxes on utility polls except the government
is spying on us through mesh network nodes and
what are those? Someone scratched "selfie" on a
government mesh network node spybox and now you
get it: Here's a grabshot from my car window.
The poem needs a real metaphor. See "meatsack,"
"stardust," "selfie." We sang "This Little Light of Mine"
in the church. We were unprepared, of course.


Radish King said...

Undone by this yes and oh magnolias thank you.

kirsten said...