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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One Definition of Adjunct:

something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it

Nobody asked me to go through the trash nor is it
my right to pull from there a crack of Eden, but I

still sit in one kind of occupation and I have a lot
of fear about the future. When I look at my hands

I think only of what I let go. What can you tell me
about not trusting me except I miss you. Except I

know that whatever is inside me has collapsed, except
I keep insisting to my students they need more images

except I can hear myself, an insufferable hue that sits
beneath the eyelid, and I see only the mountains

who confirm I don’t understand a thing about epiphany,
its whims and oranges pushed down by a sour fist. If

the poem is a truth in mutiny, as I have said it is,
then the truth in mutiny is how I face my narcissism.

I fear the verbing of earth and yet I am told in a soft
voice, earth your left shoulder. How do I live with myself.

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