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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sonnet 51 by Nikki Wallschlaeger + Literature Emitting Diodes

Literature Emitting Diodes is featuring Nikki Wallschlaeger's "Sonnet 51" from Crawlspace (Bloof, 2017) in their current installation. Here's a video they shared with us, in case you happen not to be in Colubmia, Missouri.

Curated by Carley Gomez & Levi Sherman, Literature Emitting Diodes presents poetry and prose by talented writers in commercial venues on a scrolling LED display. Here's how they describe the project:

Why an LED sign?
Because it’s a big, kitschy sign that reads “BUY SOMETHING.” We subvert the commercial practice that plays on people’s retinas. We put literature back in the public sphere where advertising has the authority. Publishing is more than putting a paperback on a bookstore shelf, it’s about making work public and accessible. An unavoidably bright, flashy sign in a store window certainly makes that work public. If dazzling LED signs announce local liquor deals, church services, and today’s gasoline prices, then why not get our literature there, too?

Read more about Literature Emitting Diodes at their site. 

We love public art! It's so cool Nikki's poem can be enjoyed this way.

Get a copy of the book, Crawlspace.

Or via PayPal here.

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