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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Perspective of The Poem is Limited

Or the prophetic stance is a tough-minded stance.
That’s better. The joke is that the poet wants
to be happy. Other possibilities: Nothing. Possible choices:
A stabbing but totally ordinary kind of neck pain,
new leaves, a freshly-poured concrete sidewalk.
Squint: there’s your future post-middle-management
position and casual email to parents saying so.
Nothing would be better, if only. Something other than a list of
products or task list, with deadlines. Time for
nothing and schemes and daydreams. There's
a small plastic object in my body emitting hormones.
There is a body in my body, also emitting hormones.
How do we deeply lament? The doves abandoned
the nest and now the drama of their possible return.
Do not open Chrome. Do not unlock your phone.
Be uncomfortable. You’ll tell someone about it later.

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