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Friday, April 6, 2018

 This is the 1950 model. It’s quite different under the hood.
            ~ Don Draper

spring’s boundless sad creeps on me morning dark as the insides of the Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana father and I slid down the claustrophobic passage emptied our bodies into the hole where stalagmites and stalactites dripped and rose slow moving alien goop the Forest Ranger said now you will be in total darkness for the first time in your lives and banked his torch I stood in amniotic fear father nudged me pulled his shirt cuff showed me his brand spanknew Timex watch with glow in the dark radium filled dials now I zip back and forth in time rapid cycling last night I planted potatoes in mud and ornaments from my son's infancy before the tide in my clitoris pulsed with the moon how odd this pain in my leg cramp in my thighs hot calves from walking the perimeter of my forest and now desire for raw just like that it doesn't get easier it doesn't change that radium watch putting its dials inside me a miracle baby glowing inside me as dark drowns and my body says here says this is how to fix it says stay with me a while