Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, and another thing(s)

Firstly, here is a new review of Peter Davis's Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!
It's great and funny.

And here are the details on another reading Pete will be doing in NYC this weekend, that somehow we did not know about till right now. Hopefully this will be wonderful news to any of you who can't come to the reading on Monday, or like, anyone who is stalking Pete.
an evening of poems by straight white dudes

5 PM

152 ludlow street / nyc

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates from everybody

So, yeah, AWP was fun. Thanks to everybody who stopped by to say hello, buy books, and play The Lottery. Let's do that again sometime.

Some news...including a reading coming up next week.


Peter Davis, Jennifer L. Knox & Shanna Compton

85 East 4th Street, NYC

And here are some other newsy bits, in the order the Google Alerts were unearthed in our unruly (like lily of the valley) inbox:

Peter Davis is featured in this cool mini documentary, in which he draws, plays guitar and rides a skateboard. We haven't asked him how he feels about the IN Dems leaving his/their home state today to prevent a quorum to vote on stripping public employee unions of their right to collective bargaining...but we don't have to ask. We're looking forward to his visit this weekend, and that reading we're doing on Monday (see above, wow you have a short-term memory problem). We love this poem he wrote during the Egyptian revolution (that was 3 or 4 revolutions ago, try to keep up?). He also has some new poems here in Country Music. Actually, Pete's been pretty busy: There's a whole list of new stuff here.

Sandra Simonds wrote a must-chew blog post about Poor Poetry Mothers. She wants you to know some things. "Most of the mothers who I have been thinking of are adjuncts. They teach five or seven or sometimes more classes a semester. They do not have health insurance and I think about their struggles to write poetry. I want you to know that in many cities it costs 1,000 a month to put a child in daycare. I also want you to know that in many places, you only get a few thousand dollars to adjunct a class." And then, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation, and some other people, wrote about Sandra writing about this. Facebook also had a lot to say. Also, she has some new poems in Eleven Eleven, Abraham Lincoln, and Court Green. And I think maybe we forgot to post about this interview she did with Almost Dorothy.

Danielle Pafunda wrote about what makes American poetry American and what's American about her poetry for the Poetry Society of America. America! "Designer jeans, junk food, Cornell boxes, New England in the fall, VC Andrews, Twin Peaks, valley girl slang, Riot Grrrl, the Beat poets, Headbanger's Ball, new wave, fashion fashion fashion. I'm made out of this stuff. I'm made out of other stuff, too, of course (gobs of Russian literature, Japanese horror flicks, gelato, macabre Irish tall tales), but this is the stuff in which I felt/feel at home." She also may be spotted over at Montevidayo, and you'll find four of her new poems from "The Dead Girls Speak in Unison" in New Delta Review.

• Jennifer L. Knox recently went out West to read in San Diego & Los Angeles. Here's an article about the performance she gave at The Arman Hammer Museum with Sarah Manguso that's almost as good as being there. (Oh but you can see her MONDAY night, right, at KGB.) And Ray McDaniel reviews The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway at The Constant Critic. It contains sentences like "If you slid into your El Camino after a hard day’s work and rewarded yourself with a Very Special Episode of B.J. and the Bear, you knew in your soul that your civilization had failed, and that it couldn’t possibly last much longer, but that was okay, because when it finally collapsed you could break into the mall and make Orange Julii and have fun until the zombies came." Yes.

Shanna Compton is still (re)writing her forthcoming book The Seam Rovers. She's got new poems in West Wind Review, some other ones forthcoming, and gee, has been reading an awful lot of Google Alerts lately. We're going to remind you one more time that she'll be reading Monday, at KGB for what the lovely hosts have dubbed BLOOF NIGHT.

And speaking of forthcoming books, yes, we do hope to have more news re: Anne Boyer's JOAN real soon. (Fall looks great from here, but stay tuned.) She's also been writing about BOOKS OF POETRY lately, yay!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lottery winners announced!

Congratulations to Timothy Bradford -- winner of the LOTTERY at AWP! Timothy wins the entire catalogs of Bloof Books, Cooper Dillion Books and No Tell Books.

All of Timothy's hopes and dreams have now come true. Because Timothy also wins one of Bloof's hawt new tee shirts.

And congratulations to our 2nd place winner, Alex Gang. Alex wins one title of his choice from each press.

Thank you to everyone who bought books and tickets and supported independent poetry publishing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get your look on

The Bloof Swag Shop is now open. Please go through the link on our store page.

Tees in Men's & Women's styles, both relaxed and fitted, from sizes S-XXL.

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