Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blurbs for BRINK

Shanna Compton is one of those poets I will always read, will always eagerly anticipate the next brilliant collection to read!! “Even our angst feels replaceable / as if it ebbed a little way”—yet another gem for a misunderstood world that we have been waiting to read and to know. BRINK is a word we gather on top of, ready for the pictures around us to modify us into the new.  Not every poet can promise this word, but it’s most fitting for a Shanna Compton book!! The smart poets of my time have been following her all along, and we know the departure she takes with this latest collection is one we can all be excited to take with her!!   —CAConrad

Shanna Compton’s beautiful new book Brink captures the weird and dazzling collision between the suffering and the awe of contemporary existence. As if through a series of discovered polaroids, in one poem she holds up a raw and tender image of a woman isolated in “the domesticated shell,” in another, she holds up a joyful white blur of something we cannot name, but recognize as our own hazy and sweet connection to the world. At once disturbing and triumphant, the poems in Brink work together to create an honest, unexpected, and fascinating lyrical exhibition of the complicated human heart.   —Ada Limón

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coming next: BRINK


(Updated with final, sans pesky typos &tc.)

It's not in the store yet, but we wanted to show you what it will look like.

We might have a few copies by the time we do the reading at Stain next month. Maybe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alas, our cantankerous old FileMaker Pro publicity database will simply not run anymore. This is where we keep addresses, guidelines, and contact info for:
  • book review editors
  • freelance reviewers
  • bookstores w/ small press sections
  • reading series curators
  • book fairs & conferences
  • etc.

We are hopeful that we can extract at least a raw text file and rebuild in a new less crash-prone format.

It's quite a job. And since we're rebuilding, we should also do a thorough update.

If you should be on our list to receive review copies, catalogs or notices of forthcoming releases, etc. please get in touch: info at bloof books dot com