Monday, March 30, 2015

April is coming. We're going to write 400 poems.

Daniel Borzutzky
Shanna Compton
Peter Davis
Natalie Eilbert
Becca Klaver
Jennifer L. Knox
Alyssa Lynee
Pattie McCarthy
Sharon Mesmer
Jenn Marie Nunes
Danielle Pafunda
Catie Rosemurgy
Sandra Simonds
Maureen Thorson
Nikki Wallschlaeger

Most of us will be posting here. Some of us will be posting elsewhere and we'll point. Some drafts may disappear. Some may persist. Watch this space. (Or follow us on Twitter: @BloofBooks.)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BOUND: The First Array


BOUND: The First Array
8 x 8 | 196 pages
Perfect-bound paperback
Full-color & bw illustrations
$20 + $2.50 shipping
ISBN: 978-0-9826587-8-9

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Our first 6-in-1 chapbook compilation is here!

Bloof Books is thrilled to announce the publication of the first volume of our new paperback chapbook compilation: BOUND: The First Array. The anthology collects the six out-of-print chapbooks from our 2013 handmade series, including:
Poems Are the Only Real Bodies by Jennifer Tamayo
scenes from the lives of my parents by Pattie McCarthy
Windowboxing by Kirsten Kaschock
Packing by Hailey Higdon
This Is What It Is Like to Be Loved by Me by Jared White
Nonstop Pop by Becca Klaver
With BOUND, we're responding to readers' requests for the chapbooks in paperback format and extended availability, beyond their limited handmade runs. They're ideal for course adoptions and circulating libraries too.

We've been true to the handmade chapbooks' original designs inside, maintaining their unique formatting and presenting full-color photographs of their original covers. Future volumes are planned—one for each year of the Bloof Books Chapbooks Series.

Volume 2 is coming soon, and will include full chapbooks by Dawn Sueoka, Ben Fama, Natalie Eilbert, Daniel Borzutzky, Jackie Clark, & Amanda Montei.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bound: Volume One, indexing in progress

INDEX of Authors, Titles & First Lines

Individual pieces within this volume are listed alphabetically by title, or by first line if the piece does not bear a title. First lines or titles that appear more than once are followed by a second distinguishing line as a subentry: This is what it is like to be loved by me / again. Titles are alphabetized by first word, excluding articles: Stone That Produces Milk, The.

Any Day Bill
Apple Bottoms Etc. When You Are Ready the Conversation Is Waiting
A the Beaut
Boho Wrapper
B®and Loyalty
Dear Harriet,
Dear Harriet Tubman, 
How is it to be buried under the singular displeasure of the sentence?
I want to use your body for my own pleasures.
Dear Moses,
Dear Mrs. Tubman,
Definition of Destruction

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Design: Sympathetic Nervous System by Jackie Clark

front of slipcase
back of slip case

full slip case + texture/ink swatches

(production mock-up; colors are not accurate)

title page

sample poem (untrimmed sheet)

PREORDER: March 2015

Antique Gray linen-texture 100 lb cover slipcase
70 lb text smooth natural interior
Machine stitched in white thread
10 x 6 inches | 28 pages

Bloof Books Chapbook Series
Vol. 2: Issue 6
ISSN: 2373-163x

Excerpts at inter|rupture

Jackie Clark is a poet living in Jersey City. She is the series editor of Poets off Poetry and Song of the Week for Coldfront Magazine and is the recipient of a 2012 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. She is the author of three chapbooks: Red Fortress (H_NGM_N), Office Work (Greying Ghost Press), and I Live Here Now (Lame House Press). Her first book of poems, Aphoria, is out now with Brooklyn Arts Press. For more, visit her site at

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SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM by Jackie Clark from Bloof Books

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