Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jen's #20

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2 Bloofy events this week!

Friday night, Danielle Pafunda comes to NYC to read at Earshot in Brooklyn. If you've never been to Earshot, it's a treat. Always a good crowd, always a great energy. Nicole rocks it. Mobile Libris will be on hand to sell the very first copies of My Zorba available in NYC.

Friday, April 25 at 8:00 PM
in Brooklyn, NY

Danielle Pafunda reads for the Earshot Series

Danielle Pafunda (My Zorba, Pretty Young Thing)
Michael Quattrone (Rhinoceroses)
Adina Schoem (Sarah Lawrence College)
Emily Wolahan (Columbia University)
Lisa A. Locascio (New York University)

Lucky Cat
245 Grand Street
(Between Driggs & Roebling)
Brooklyn, NY
$5 includes a drink

The following night, Shanna Compton makes outrageous noises in the Flarf Festival with the Drew Gardner Orchestra, featuring Katie Degentesh, Brandon Downing, Rob Fitterman, Benjamin Friedlander, Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, Mitch Highfill, Rodney Koeneke, Michael Magee, Sharon Mesmer, K. Silem Mohammad, Mel Nichols, Eiríkur Örn Nor∂dahl, Kim Rosenfield, James Sherry, Rod Smith, Christina Strong, Gary Sullivan & the Saw Lady. (More festival info here.)

SATURDAY, APR 26, 6:00 P.M.
$8, a Segue reading to benefit Bowery Arts & Sciences

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Belmar: Binghamton, NY

87 cheers for the good people of Binghamton. They win Best Audience Award of the Bloof Hobby Loss Tour '08!

We had waaaaaaay too much fun. Luckily, we also had a designated driver. (Thanks, James!) I've lost exact count of the # of books sold on the book tour, but we broke the 100 mark last night. (Unreal! Thank you again & again!)

I may do a few retrospective report about some of the spots we didn't write up. But in general, they would all just say: thanks--that rocked. (There *are* poets and poetry-liking people out there who are kind, enthusiastic, warm, wonderful, and a little bit crazy in all the right ways, and danged if I don't feel sometimes like I know them all.)

I have a bunch of photos left to post too.

Now it's back to our regularly scheduled NaPoWriMo, which our dear pal Ada Limon talks up today on Harriet. I'll catch up by the end of the weekend or sprain something trying.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jen's #11

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Jen's #10

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Couple more reports

Peter Davis in Muncie

Nate Logan in Fargo

Thanks, dudes. So glad we came to visit you!

Home = real coffee!

Some of us are back at work even.

Yesterday's weather conspired to keep me from reaching my own bed (ah) till nearly 2 AM. At some point I got on a wrong train. Then sat in an outdoor empty NJTransit station after midnight for a bit to correct my sleepy mistake. Too tired to be freaked out by it.

I, Shanna, will be catching up with my NaPoWriMo poems. I have only done 6 and those have been mostly shoddy. Lesson learned: I am not Kerouacian.

It may take me a few days, and I've got to get some interview questions done for the UWM editors first.

Of all my rooms, I've missed the kitchen the most.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Going halfsies

Where they keep David Letterman's balls

Jen's #7

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Funcie in Muncie & some reports

We're in Champaign--Illinois has been real good to us--three times now! Headed for Muncie in a bit, where we'll talk with Peter Davis's classes then read at the MT Cup tonight. One of our favorite spots from the 2005 tour, so we're excited.

Here are a few other reports:

Amy Guth on Chicago

Brandi Homan on Chicago

Anne Boyer on our impromptu house-reading-slumber-party in Lawrence (yes that was as fun as it sounds--check the Gabcast player for some recordings.)

Adam Deutsch on yesterday's reading here in Champaign

Every day I wake up and feel incredibly lucky to be in whatever state/city/hotel/house/highway/diner we are in, and that's such a good feeling. But we miss Danielle now!

Shanna's for April 5


Friday, April 4, 2008

Danielle's April 3 gone!

They shall make you suck it.

Jen's #4

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Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Danielle's is playing catchup...

...over at her blog, Iron Caisson.

For April 2


Stopped at Woodland Pattern yesterday morning to see Chuck & Carl and invited them to record some poems for the blog. The store is amazing--I saw many of YOUR BOOKS displayed beautifully in the front room, rifled through drawer after drawer of chapbooks and broadsides, browsed an ALPHABETIZED and MASSIVE chapbook rack in the back room, and walked up and down a WALL OF POETRY until I finally just became overwhelmed trying to process it all. We both came away with some new stuff, of course, which will hardly fit in our already bulging luggage.

We got into Chicago yesterday afternoon (after stopping for cheese & thrift shopping in Kenosha; I scored a Dr. Pepper tee shirt) and had a GREAT reading last night at the Fixx Series with Amy Guth. Brandi & Becca from Switchback Books, Daniel Borzutzky, some of Danielle's students from Columbia College, some lovely laughing (thank you!) ladies at the front table, and a gentleman who never looked up from his work but smiled and reacted nonetheless, along with many other good people, and Adam and Hazel of course. 19 books sold--woohoo!

Today we're off to Normal-Bloomington or Bloomington-Normal, however it goes. We'll meet Didi and Gabe for dinner, then maybe go to the slam. Our reading for the conference is tomorrow morning early. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to catch up with NaPoWriMo too. I don't know how Jen manages to write a poem in the chaos of suitcases and borrowed pillows, but I'm having trouble, especially since I've had little time to read or ruminate--which is perhaps to say, we've been having too much fun.