Monday, September 23, 2013

Announcing the Bloof Books 2014 Chapbook Series

We are thrilled to announce that the following chapbooks will be published by Bloof, chosen from among the submissions to our 2013 Open Chapbook Reading Period in June. 

Bedtime Stories for the End of the World! by Daniel Borzutzky

Sympathetic Nervous System by Jackie Clark

Conversation with the Stone Wife by Natalie Eilbert

Odalisque by Ben Fama

The Failure Age by Amanda Montei

Little Uglies by Dawn Sueoka

These chapbooks will be joining the three longer books already on the schedule for 2014. We will be posting more about these forthcoming chapbooks each day this week, so stop back by for details and excerpts.

In addition, we would like to recognize the following outstanding manuscripts. We had a very difficult time narrowing our selections down to only six. No doubt we will be seeing these works from other presses soon.

Aaron Apps: The Percolation of the Blood
Julia Bloch: Chromophilia
Sarah Campbell: We Used to be Generals
Laura Carter: After dusted moon: intimations
Lisa Ciccarello: or incident
Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney: The One about the Unheimlich
Susana Gardner & Joshua Ware: from Rough Spring Sonnets
Cecily Iddings: Liked It
Ginger Ko: Prairie Lighthouse
Krystal Languell: Shadow State
Tony Mancus: Relevancy
Daniela Olszewska: Thirteenz
Michael Robins: Square Etiquette
Meg Ronan: The District
Gregory Sherl & Joshua Young: Some Love
J. Hope Stein: To the Musicians in My Ceiling Fan
Maureen Thorson: Weave/Print
Kevin Varrone: The Collected Letters
Melinda Wilson: Footage from the Feral Earth
David Wojchiechowski: Yours, Best, Sincerely

And we had several manuscripts withdrawn because they were accepted elsewhere! Congrats to those poets as well.

We appreciate every submission and understand each of them to be a statement of support and enthusiasm for what we do. THANK YOU.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Nearing decisions! Open Chapbook Reading Period update.

We've narrowed the pile down to about 30. 

Which is way too many to publish, alas.

One more round of rereading should settle it. 

Thank you for your patience.