Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey, so there's a lot of stuff to tell ya!

First, check the events page for upcoming readings. Sandra Simonds is coming to visit NYC, and Jennifer L. Knox and Shanna Compton have a few too. Link.

Also, check out the new issue of Spooky Boyfriend, edited by Bloof pal Nate Logan. It's got poems by Bloofers Sandra Simonds and Peter Davis, plus Nicole Steinberg & more. Link.

Peter Davis also appears in the most recent issues of Shampoo and Double Room, each containing poems from his upcoming Bloof book Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

Also, maybe you're not aware that Peter also releases music via his site Art Is Necessary. His new Short Hand record, Attila, is now downloadable. That'd be free, kids. Link.

Finally, what the hell, we're going to AWP in Denver. For some reason this year we just feel like it. Stay tuned for event details. Jen is threatening a karaoke party. And tee shirts.

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