Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everybody, Everywhere

Jennifer L. Knox has pronounced her judgment in a recent round of HTML Giant's Tournament of Bookshit: Alcoholism vs. Everybody Has a Story.

Danielle Pafunda has a new piece, "Fake-ish Memoir Totes Sincere, Unusually Embodied Affect Performance" at Montevidayo and some excerpts of her "novel under the sign of poetry" at Pank.

Sandra Simonds has new poems in the Boston Review and Open Letters Monthly.

Peter Davis's Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up review (the cover works!) from Rattle and has several poems featured in a recent issue of Atticus Review.

Shanna Compton has a new poem appearing on bus posters in Atlanta, GA thanks to the Emory Poetry Council's Poetry on the Move series. And her forthcoming Bloof book has morphed into two books. We're having twins! (Look for them here October and April.)

Finally, we remind you that our Open Reading Period for Poetry Chapbooks is still open.

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Hedgeguard said...

All of which go to explain why this is my favorite group of poets.